Mistakes I’ve Made Learning Norwegian

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Just over a month ago, I finished the Duolingo Norwegian tree, and got a 5.0 on the quiz. Not a bad place to be, when going into a totally self-directed study program. Of course, Duolingo is also self-directed, but having the structure of the lessons was incredibly helpful to me.

I had a plan, or at least I thought I had a plan: I would read Harry Potter og de Vises Stein every day and watch Norwegian media when I could, while continuing to do review sessions in Duolingo, and Memrise. I would also start using Clozemaster for more practice with common words. This would have been great!

So, what happened? Memrise was the first thing to go. I ended up skipping a few days due to work getting busy (I work in a seasonal industry, and had started this journey in the two months of the year when we’re basically off). Then, the words started piling up, and before I knew it, there were over 1,000 words to review. So, I got overwhelmed and decided to just let it go.

Bad decision. Fast forward a month, and while I kept up every day with Duolingo review and with reading/watching/listening to various Norwegian media…I forgot a lot. Mind you, I’m still on track to achieve a B2 level of speaking ability in six months (my goal for Norwegian), but I definitely need to ramp up my effort. I’ve decided I have to reincorporate Memrise into my daily routine. I know a lot of language learners prefer Anki, but I actually like Memrise better (on desktop). It’s pretty nit-picky, so whenever I make a small typo, the word ends up in my review rotation quicker, which I think is helpful.

How did this happen? In a nutshell, I got complacent. I figured that since I had made so much progress in the first few months, I could slow down a little every few days. Every few days turned into every day, and before I knew it, I was set back quite a bit.

So, time to turn it around and start learning for real again! I’ve gotten back into the routine of reviewing quite a bit on Memrise (it was definitely frustrating working down from needing to review almost 3k words, but it was worth it!).

I’ve been struggling to get through Harry Potter because I don’t really have that large a vocabulary (while Duo certainly provides a great basis, there are just so many words out there!), so my next focus is simply to increase my vocab!

I’ve been continuing to watch SKAM and listen to podcasts to hear the language more, since that’s another huge roadblock for me! I’ve also started using Mondly, which I actually really like as a companion to Duo. There seems to be a slightly different approach, and some different vocabulary.

I’ll try to update this blog with any new resources I come across!

Ha det. šŸ™‚


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