100 Days of Learning Norwegian

It seems like just yesterday that I finished the Duolingo Norwegian tree, but it’s been a little bit over three weeks. I’m still doing at least 5 “strengthen skills” sessions every day, though now I’m mixing things up with timed practice sessions as well. I figure I’ll continue doing those for a while. Though some people may not be a fan of Duolingo’s sentences, I actually really like the repetiton. After all, isn’t that what language learning is?

I’ve also been heavily using Clozemaster, which is another fun and free language learning app. I’ll admit – it took me a little time to get used to how it works, but after I got the hang of things, everything started going smoothly. Clozemaster also uses a great deal of repetition. You see the same sentences at least four times before it’s considered “mastered,” and many of the sentences appear several times in various forms. The sentences also seem to be more focused than those in Duolingo. I can already see uses for many of the phrases found in the Clozemaster database.

Another key part of language learning has been engrossing myself in this season of SKAM. It’s easy to get caught up in this show. The episode clips are released throughout the week, and screenshots of various social media interactions make it to the main SKAM page. There are also plenty of secondary and tertiary interactions that occur on the characters’ social media pages (that exist in the real world), and for most of those, I just check in with the SKAM subreddit.

I’ve been able to watch the entirety of this season so far with just Norwegian subtitles, instead of English translations. This has been so motivational for me. It’s nice to have concrete evidence that I’ve actually retained something, and I find it far easier to learn new phrases contextually, instead of through a translation. There’s also a SKAM podcast that I’ve attempted to listen to, though I’ll admit, they speak way to fast for me to catch most of what they’re saying.

Finally, I’m still doing a decent amount of reading. I try to check in with the Norway subreddit every day, just to see what’s going on, as well as KlarTale. Aftenposten is still a little advanced for me at times. I’ve also continued with reading Harry Potter og de Vises Stein. While this was really slow-going for me at first, it’s actually speeding up now. The first day I tried reading, I was only able to manage about a half page a day. I basically had to stop at every other word to look things up. I’m now able to read about 4-5 pages per day, with far less dictionary use.

A few weeks ago, I had hoped to be much further along than I am now, but work got busier, and I really didn’t use my time very effectively in the first two weeks after ifnishing the tree. Overall, I’m still quite excited about learning Norwegian, and have really been appreciating the little improvements I see every day. 🙂


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