Duolingo Norwegian in 78 Days!

Duolingo Norwegian Tree 3.0 Finished | Fluent for Free

Oh my goodness – I can’t believe I’m saying this already, but it’s been 78 days of daily study, and I have finished the Norwegian tree on Duolingo! It’s been a lot of work, but is definitely worth it. All of those extra “strengthen skills” sessions were totally worth it!

I’m also quite excited because I watched an episode of SKAM today that only had Norwegian subtitles, and I actually understood almost all of it! I did have to pause a few times, as the text messages go by just a bit too quickly for me to catch up, but I was excited that I even managed to infer some new vocabulary!

My plan for learning Norwegian was originally to do the tree in 90 days (I think I might have said 100 at the very start, but who knows now), so I’m excited that I’m ahead of schedule. From now on, my Norwegian practice will be doing strengthen skills sessions every day to keep practicing and go from level 18 to level 25!

I got a 5.00 on the progress quiz, but I definitely got lucky with the questions I got!

Duolingo Norwegian Tree 3.0 Finished | Fluent for Free

I’ve also decided to start seriously using Clozemaster to try and assimilate more sentences into my vocab. I’ll continue to read KlarTale.no and watch SKAM as well!

I’ve also purchased an ebook copy of Harry Potter og de Vises Stein, and will be reading that, while looking up everything I don’t know, and writing it down. I expect this will definitely take a while.

I want to set a new goal for myself for 6 months of learning Norwegian: watching TV shows without subtitiles and actually understanding (almost) everything. I figure I won’t be able to learn super technical things so quickly, but if I put as much time into listening as I have into reading, I should be okay!

I’m really excited to continue on with this learning journey!


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